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 The Seymour Bank was formed in November 1939. This was the first bank to be opened after the Great Depression in Seymour. The December 31, 1939, report to the State of Missouri showed that the total assets of the bank were $119,230.30 with total capital accounts of $31,816.33. The bank had $87,133.89 in deposits, $30,880.97 in loans, and made a profit of $566.33. 


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Pictorial History

 Over the past 72 years our bank has grown from that depression era start to one of the strongest in our region. As of June 30, 2010 the assets of the bank are $136,847,000.00 with capital of $17,315,000.00. The bank has $114,811,000.00 in deposits, $86,523,000.00 in loans, and continues making profits. In addition to our facility in Seymour, in 1996 we opened a full service branch in Rogersville, Mo 

     Over the last 72 years the banking industry has seen exponential change. The Seymour Bank has met the challenge of an ever changing and dynamic banking community. One thing, which has not been altered, is the dedication to sound business principals and a conservative approach to commerce, which is as important today as it was in 1939. Another item, which cannot be overlooked, is a commitment to the community. The bank management and employees live here, and the needs of the people have always taken high priority. We still believe the strength of any bank is that its employees and management be a part of the entire population. 

     In a day and age of the mega banks needing government bail-outs, The Seymour Bank will continue as it has done forever, to be receptive and accessible to our customers' needs and wants and to help supply the capital needed in the community for continued growth. The patrons of The Seymour Bank know that they do business with their neighbors and that the interest paid to the bank will remain in this area. We pledge to continue, as we have done in the past, to strive for an ever growing and prospering area. We thank our employees, both current and past, and we thank our customers, who are also our friends.

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