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The Seymour Bank

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a division of The Seymour Bank

For the investment portion of your financial strategy, The Seymour Bank has formed a unique partnership with LPL Financial Services, a leading provider of third-party brokerage to community banks, to offer investment help and services for every stage of life and all financial circumstances. Through this partnership our clients have access to a broad range of retirement planning, 401K rollovers, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities.

LPL as a registered broker-dealer has offered a wide range of investment services through financial service providers since 1982.

Senior Wealth Advisor Harry Chapin, series 7 and 63 licensed, brings an experienced financial background with a strong commitment to client services. To arrange a no-obligation appointment call 935-5800, 753-3932, or e-mail at

Retirement Planning 

Fifty years ago, retirees could count on a pension plan and social security to give them enough retirement income to live comfortably. Much like the era of the milkman and drive-in movies, those days are long gone.

Preparing for retirement is now a big undertaking, especially in a volatile economic environment.

Company pension plans are becoming a thing of the past and social security benefits have not kept up with the cost of living. As a result retirees have to depend on generating income from their own retirement, saving through investment vehicles like a self-directed individual retirement account.

  • Although the face of retirement has changed, the five risks retirees face have not:
    Life Expectancy - How long will I live? A couple with both spouses age 65 has an 85% chance that one of them will live to 85 and a 40% chance one of them will make it to age 95.
  • Inflation - How much will prices rise? Inflation reflects the pace at which prices of goods and services rise over time. The average annual inflation from 1913-2006 was 3.4%. At 3.4% annual inflation, $50,000 in expenses will cost $69,800 in 10 years, $97,500 in 20 years and $136,300 in 30 years.
  • Asset Allocation - Am I managing risk appropriately? A sound asset allocation strategy can mean the difference between a lasting income stream that keeps up with inflation and a fragile balancing act that pits immediate needs against an uncertain tomorrow.
  • Healthcare costs - What if I get sick? Living longer could mean more health-related issues in retirement. Increases in healthcare costs have exceeded inflation in recent years by 14%. This could lead to depleted savings.
  • Withdrawal rates - How much can I take out? A withdrawal rate is the percentage of savings that gets withdrawn for income each year. If the withdrawal rate is greater than the interest rate, savings may be depleted.
Contact us and start to work on your plan today.


Common stocks are ownership shares in a corporation. They are sold initially by the corporation and then traded among investors. Investors who buy them expect to earn dividends as their part of the profits and hope the price of the stock will go up so their investment will be worth more. Dividends or hope of dividends ultimately determine the price of a stock. Common stocks offer no performance guarantees, but over time have produced a better return than other investments.

As a full service investment firm, LPL offers a complete range of stock and stock-options trading capabilities. Through our relationship with Pershing (a member of the NYSE, AMEX, CBOE and all other leading exchanges) LPL clients can trade listed securities on major exchanges throughout the world. Pershing is also a participant in NASDAQ and other leading over-the-counter trading services, providing full access to individual stocks in the OTC market as well.


Bonds are loans that investors make to governments and corporations. The bond's interest rate and maturity date are set when the bond is issued. Bonds are also called fixed income securities because borrowers get the cash they need, while investors earn a set amount of interest paid on a regular basis. Investors can buy bonds issued by U.S. companies, the U.S. Treasury, cities, states and various local government agencies.

Americans have more money invested in bonds than in stocks, mutual funds or other types of securities. One of their major attractions is the issuer's promise to repay the loan in full and on time. Bonds seem less risky than other investments that depend on the ups and downs of the stock market. Conservative investors can use bonds to provide a steady income by buying a bond when it's issued, holding it and receiving regular interest payments until it matures.

Contact us today to find out what bonds and interest rates are available.

Mutual Funds 

We have relationships with over 55 of America's best mutual fund companies including Hartford, Lord Abbett, DWS and American Funds. These providers offer a total of over 2500 funds which cover a wide range of investment objectives, every sector, industry and every investment class. Whether you are looking for specialized funds, small-cap growth, large-cap value, or tax-free income, our family of product partners can meet every need.

401K Rollovers 

If you have a 401K account with a previous employer, we can provide greater control and more investment choices when you rollover your account balances.


LPL Financial offers a full range of high-quality, fixed rate, tax-deferred annuities to meet investor needs. These fixed annuities can be an attractive investment for conservative retirement accounts. Financial security and living comfortably during retirement depends on how well you protect and grow your assets.
Fixed annuities can help achieve these goals by offering the following benefits:
  • Safety of principal
  • Tax deferral
  • Liquidity
  • Competitive rates
  • Guaranteed rates
  • Guaranteed death benefit that avoids probate
  • Opportunity to generate a guaranteed lifetime income

Securities and Investment Advisory

Securities and Insurance Products are offered by LPL Financial Services. Member FINRA/SIPC,, and an SEC registered investment advisor.
Securities and Insurance Products are:
Not FDIC insured       No Bank Guarantee
Not a deposit                        May lose value
Licensed in the following states: Missouri, Arkansas & California
Not insured by any Federal Government Agency

Harry Chapin

Wealth Manager